A Martingale dog collar is a different approach to the product you put around a dog’s neck for training purposes or to allow control when you take them outside or for a walk in a public place. These types of collars increase control because they add a loop to the collar that tightens it when any amount of pressure is put against that loop. When the leash is attached to the loop on the collar, the dog pulling exerts that pressure, and so does a small tug on the pup if the owner needs to get the dog’s attention. There are a few reasons that a dog owner may choose this type of collar. Some do not like chain collars and cannot keep a nylon or leather collar on the dog for different reasons. Below are some factors that make buying a martingale dog collar the most logical choice.

The dog’s neck is the same size as their head

These collars were originally intended for greyhounds. A greyhound’s head is the same size as their neck, making a collar slip off whenever you attempt to pull on the collar and the dog pulls away. These collars address that issue and help you maintain control of the dog so proper training can be accomplished.

Martingale dog collars are Made of All Materials

martingale dog collars

Unlike a choke collar, which is predominantly made of links, this type of collar can be purchased in nylon or leather. It can match your style preference for the look or your dog’s collar while providing the control you need to keep your dog on the same page as far as training and appropriate behavior goes. There are a wide variety of martingale dog collars, and these collars can be the answer to your frustration and despair at ever being able to get your dog to listen or to go on a walk safely and without losing your dog due to a collar that slips off far too easily.

Your Dog Loves Regular Collars, but You Don’t

Some dogs are really good at chewing off a nylon or leather collar. They can get the collar into their mouths and chew through them in no time at all. That means any time you leave your dog unsupervised or tie them outside for a short period and look away, you run the risk of your dog making another collar useless. These collars make that a big more challenging for your pet, since they are balanced differently with the additional loop. They also have collars that have a loop made of chain, which is not something your pet can chew through. This can provide an answer to the dog’s game of eating their collar every chance they get. This can help you maintain control even when you aren’t looking.

Working with your pup does not have to be an exercise in frustration. Instead, you can choose to invest in a collar that puts you in control at all times. This can really improve the dynamic and make training easy to accomplish.