In order to actually start doing this, you do need to clearly understand how the whole process is designed to work. This article is being written from a layman’s point of view which just goes to prove that there is nothing too difficult to understand about this important debt consolidation process. But even so, there’s more than meets the eye in this critical overview. It’s critical because there’s a sense of urgency at this time for some readers.

These are your highly indebted readers, so overwhelmed that they’ve just about given up trying to fix their debts, deciding to leave their fate in the hands of the god of mammon. They say somewhere that money is the root of all evil. But there are also plenty of sayings that go to show that there’s nothing wrong with making money. Those guilt trips you’ve had before after swiping your card for the umpteenth time? If you’re still going through those conscience busting hassles, now is your time to act. Now is your time to start shining sunshine.

For once and for all readers, if you’re one of the many thousands, or millions, of highly indebted consumers out there. Let’s get this out of the way before proceeding to fill you in how the debt consolidation process is set to work. The first thing you need to do, and this is long before you approach your debt consolidation agent, you must do this of your own volition, however much you do this reluctantly, is the following.

Go into your kitchen and get out a fine pair of scissors. Then light a candle as you sit down at the kitchen counter, because this is going to be a once-off ceremony. For the first and the last time, go and empty out your wallet or purse of all those charge and credit cards that have been keeping you up at night. Then start cutting through each one of them. Don’t worry; you are going to manage without them.

And here’s how. Over time, you’ll get used to the process. Once you’ve contacted your accredited and legally mandated debt management agent or loan service provider, you’ll go through a consultative process to determine just how much you owe all the creditors out there. What also needs to be done is to cut out those debts that you’re not even legally obliged to settle anymore. Those get scratched off of your must do list.

debt consolidation

After that, your consultant proposes a fixed rate and schedule at an amount you can reasonably and realistically afford to pay back every month. This monthly amount takes into account all those outstanding debts you are legally obliged to settle. It gets better and everyone is happy. Not only are your creditors finally getting their monies, you’re no longer overburdened with tons of bills and demand letters in your post box every month. Your conscience is clear and you can rest easy at night.